A letter of thanks from Dr. Grosskopf,

"To my valued patients and friends of Grosskopf Orthopedics,

It’s hard for me to believe that I have completed 34 years of practicing medicine in the Fox Valley area.  It has been a true honor to serve you and many of your family members over the years. I have been greatly impacted by each and every one of those relationships in a variety of ways.

Throughout my career, I have truly enjoyed my patients, my job and my wonderful staff and that is why it was difficult for me when I decided to retire this year.  Grosskopf Orthopedics will close its doors for the last time, on 12/30/2020. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that things can change very quickly; and I have much still left to enjoy and accomplish away from my career in medicine. 

Because many of you have asked for referrals, I have developed a short list of preferred providers for your future care.  I am confident that the following doctors will do a great job for you and your families.

Doctor Name   Specialty
Dr. Aaron Bare, M.D.   Shoulder / Sports Medicine
Dr. William Sterba, M.D.   Mature Adult Knees and Hips
Dr. Gregory Witkowski, M.D.   Lower Leg / Foot / Ankle
Dr. William Payne, M.D.   Wrist / Hand


Due to the transition of medical records from our office to Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (NM RMG), please wait until at least 2/15/2021 to request any medical records. You can reach them by calling (630) 225-2663.

All the best to you in all your future endeavors and wishes for great health and happiness!
Warmest wishes,

Dr. Jeffrey Grosskopf, M.D.


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